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Homestuck Roleplaying/Fanfic Writer’s Tool: Troll Vocabulary

I made this guide to help me write the trolls’ dialogue in Lift It Like It’s Heavy.

Homestuck Troll Vocabulary Resource

The following troll terms are organized by topic and alphabetized within each category. Please excuse my contrived grouping system. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try CTRL+F.

There’s a lot of interpretation involved in this sort of project. The material below represents my best guess, which may not agree with the standard or popular understanding of these terms.



ancestors = genetic forebears who typically live hundreds or thousands of sweeps before their offspring

the Condesce = empress and leader of the trolls; Feferi Peixes’s ancestor

Darkleer = the troll responsible for letting the Disciple escape; Equius Zahhak’s ancestor

the Disciple = the Sufferer’s romantic partner and most devoted follower; Nepeta Leijon’s ancestor

the Dolorosa = the Sufferer’s first disciple and childhood guardian; Kanaya Maryam’s ancestor

the Executor = Darkleer’s title; spelled with a percent sign (E%ecutor)

the Expatriate = Mindfang’s term for Darkleer; spelled with an 8 (Expatri8)

Gl’bgolyb = the lusus of the empress and her heirs; has the power to kill all trolls with the Vast Glub

Grand Highblood = leader of the subjugglators; Gamzee Makara’s ancestor

the Handmaid = Lord English’s servant, who is largely responsible for the bloodthirsty nature of Alternian culture; Aradia Megido’s ancestor

the Helmsman = the Psionic in his role as pilot of the Condesce’s imperial battleship

Her Imperious Condescension = the Condesce’s title

Marquise Spinneret Mindfang = commander of a deadly fleet of gamblignants; Vriska Serket’s ancestor

Neophyte Redglare = a legislacerator sent to bring Mindfang to justice; Terezi Pyrope’s ancestor

Orphaner Dualscar = Mindfang’s kismesis; Eridan Ampora’s ancestor

the Psionic = one of the Sufferer’s disciples and a powerful telekinetic; Sollux Captor’s ancestor; spelled with the Greek letter psi (Ψiioniic)

Pyralspite = Neophyte Redglare’s lusus, a dragon

the Signless = a mutant with a heretical message; Karkat Vantas’s ancestor

the Sufferer = a term for the Signless which refers to his grisly execution

the Summoner =  a revolutionary who commanded an army of beasts; Tavros Nitram’s ancestor


absurdity palate = made-up word for a human organ that produces laughter when tickled

aggravation sponge = one-off term used by Karkat for brain

auricular sponge clot = one-off term used by Karkat for ear

bone bulge = genitalia; abbreviated as bulge

cartilage nub = one-off term used by Karkat for nose (usually noses are just called noses)

chitinous windhole = one-off term used by Karkat for trachea

collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system = sea dweller heart

cranial plates = one-off term used by Karkat for skull

faith sponge = brain? (one-off term used by Gamzee)

ganderbulb = one-off term used by Karkat for eye (usually eyes are just called eyes)

glance nugget = one-off term used by Karkat for eye (usually eyes are just called eyes)

hear duct = ear or ear canal

lobe stem = brainstem

meal tunnel = one-off term used by Sollux for mouth (usually mouths are just called mouths)

nook = genitalia; also referred to as a “bone nook”

nub = anything hard or bony (shoulder, chest, nose, knee, horn…)

nugbone = one-off term used by Gamzee for head

phlegm lobe = one-off term used by Karkat with no clear meaning other than as an exclamation

protein chute = mouth (or variably esophagus; not used consistently)

pump biscuit = heart (usually hearts are just called hearts)

puzzle sponge = one-off term used by Karkat for brain

seedflap = lips or ass; also with a space (seed flap)

shame globes = genitalia; abbreviated as globes

shout sphincter = one-off term used by Karkat for mouth (usually mouths are just called mouths)

sniffnode = one-off term used by Karkat for nose (usually noses are just called noses)

snort barrel = one-off term used by Karkat for nose (usually noses are just called noses)

squawk blister = one-off term used by Karkat for throat or larynx

squawk gaper = one-off term used by Karkat for mouth

squeal pipette = one-off term used by Karkat for throat

stem = one-off term used by Eridan for neck or nose

talk blaster = one-off term used by Karkat for mouth

think pan = brain; abbreviated as pan


aquatic hoofbeast = seahorse

barn beast = goat

barkfiend = dog

cholerbear = bear

custodian = synonym for lusus

hoofbeast = horse

lusus naturae = a frightening beast bodyguard, caretaker, mentor

marine barkbeast = seal

musclebeast = a milk-producing lusus shaped like a centaur

nut creature = squirrel

woolbeast = sheep

woolbeast material = wool (omg karkat)


grubloaf = cake and bread

grubsauce = a multicolored condiment made of grubs which resembles spilled blood; also with a space (grub sauce)

grubsteak = meat

mucus = icing

nutrition cylinders = cans

tuber paste = butter


ablution trap = bathtub; abbreviated as trap

block = room

blastoff device = rocket

caegar = a type of coin

carpenter droid = robot for hive construction

cocoon = see recuperacoon

communal hive stem = residential high rise; abbreviated as hive stem

corpse box = coffin

corpse party = one-off term used by Aradia for funeral

dirt noodles = worms

escalation zigzags = stairs

four wheel device = wheelchair

frond nub = one-off term used by Karkat for tree

grubtube = electrical wire? plug? (one-off term used by Sollux)

hive = house

hunger trunk = refrigerator

husktop = laptop computer

lawnring = yard

load gaper = toilet

nutrition plateau = plate

one wheel device = unicycle

pile = a heap of objects on which to rest and jam about feelings

recuperacoon = bed pod thing filled with sopor slime (more commonly called a cocoon)

respiteblock = bedroom

scalemate = stuffed animal shaped like a dragon

schoolfed = educated or taught; also with a space (school fed)

schoolhive = schoolhouse

scuttlebuggy = one-off term used by Karkat for automobile

sopor slime = nourishing and relaxing green slime that goes in a recuperacoon (not meant to be eaten)

thermal hull = refrigerator

three wheel device = tricycle

whirling device = fan

Law and Order

courtblock = courtroom/court

culling = the fate of the unfit and infirm in Alternian society; on Beforus, culling indicates adoption and coddling by a higher-caste troll

culling fork = instrument for culling trolls

culling drone = creature who culls trolls

flogging jut = whipping post

His Honorable Tyranny = judge’s title; abbreviated as His Tyranny; addressed as Your Tyranny; can also be female (Her Tyranny); portrayed as a monstrous creature

suffocophagus = execution device

Popular Culture and Hobbies

~ATH = programming language that uses infinite loops which must be bound to constructs with a finite lifespan in order to be executed

apiculture networking = computing using beehives as servers

beehouse mainframe = apiculture server                    

beenary = apiculture programming language danced by worker bees

enclosure talons = quotation marks (especially air quotes)

fiduspawn = a card game which involves summoning monsters using a host plush

Flarp  = a kind of extreme live action roleplay; also a verb (Flarping) and a person (Flarper)

host plush = an accessory for playing fiduspawn

mind honey = product of apiculture networking bees, highly unpleasant to ingest

Pupa Pan = roughly, Peter Pan; abbreviated as Pupa

seed = meteors of the Veil which are flung through portals during the Reckoning

shout pole = exclamation point

silicomb = material composing a beehouse mainframe

slam poetry = the ancient and revered art of rapping

surprise noodles = question marks

Trollian = chat client

trolltag = screen name

Religion and Myth

chucklevoodoo = subjugglator psychic power (fear)

clown = derogatory term for a subjugglator, in reference to their use of face paint

dark carnival = paradise, according to subjugglator religious lore

death = a mythologial figure with a skull for a head and a hypnotic glare (i.e. Lord English); served by a handmaid (i.e. the Handmaid)

Doc Scratch = Alternia’s first guardian, who makes his home on its green moon

elf = fantasy creature that blows into shells and does a cookie dance

faygo = subjugglator drink of choice; also referred to as rude elixir, wicked elixir, or just elixir

gog = roughly, God; used solely as an interjection

honk = horn noise frequently invoked by subjugglators

horn = noisemaker associated with subjugglator culture

jegus = roughly, Jesus; used solely as an interjection

juggalo = derogatory term for a subjugglator

miracle = subjugglator term for anything serendipitous or poorly understood

mirthful messiahs = prophets, foretold in subjugglator religious lore

rainbow drinker = vampire; associated with jade bloods; abbreviated as drinker

vast honk = Armageddon, foretold in subjugglator religious lore


brooding caverns = home of mother grub; location of trials which young trolls must undergo before emerging

bucket = apparatus used for sexual activity; rarely, pail is used as a synonym

filial pail = receptacle in which imperial drones collect genetic material

grub = recently hatched troll; larva and wiggler are synonyms; occasionally used to refer to the mother grub

hatched = born (from eggs laid by the mother grub)

imperial drone = creature which collects genetic material from concupiscent couples for the mother grub

larva = legless form of young troll between egg and pupa which lives in a cocoon on a stalactite in the brooding caverns; they have large heads, horns, round caterpillar-like bodies, and six vestigial nubs where their legs should be

matriorb = the egg from which a mother grub hatches

mother grub = insect queen-like female troll who perpetuates the troll race by laying eggs using genetic material from the filial pails mixed into an incestuous slurry; resembles a very large larva with a skull-like head, six jointed legs and two translucent wings; occasionally capitalized (Mother Grub); abbreviated as grub

pupa = legged form of young troll which undergoes trials in the brooding caverns; probably equivalent to a young adult; after the trials, survivors are chosen by a lusus and emerge on the surface of Alternia

wiggler = recently hatched troll; grub and larva are synonyms; also used to refer to human babies

wriggling day = birthday (hatching day)



ashen = quadrant of auspisticism, denoted by a club shape

auspistice = ashen romantic partner who mediates between two other trolls

auspisticism = the relationship between an auspistice and two trolls who would become kismesisses without the intervention of a mediator

black romance = quadrants rooted in negative emotions, e.g. caliginous and ashen; abbreviated  as blackrom

caliginous = quadrant of kismesissitude, denoted by a spade shape

conciliatory = quadrants embodying platonic relationships, e.g. ashen and pale

concupiscent = quadrants which facilitate reproduction, e.g. flushed and caliginous

flushed = quadrant of matespritship, denoted by a heart shape

hate = the emotional basis of caliginous and ashen relationships

kismesis = caliginous romantic partner with a relationship rooted in hate and rivalry; plural = kismesisses

kismesissitude = the relationship between kismesisses

moirail = pale romantic partner who exerts a calming influence

moirallegiance = the relationship between moirails

matesprit = flushed romantic partner with a relationship rooted in love (soul mate)

matespritship = the relationship between matesprits

pale = quadrant of moirallegiance, denoted by a diamond shape

pity = catch-all term for the non-hate emotions, including love; the emotional basis of flushed and pale relationships

quadrant = one of four kinds of troll romantic relationships, e.g. ashen, pale, caliginous and flushed

quadrant vacillation = a relationship alternating between two or more quadrants

red romance = quadrants rooted in positive emotions, e.g. flushed and pale; abbreviated as redrom

Social Order

archeradicators = a noble imperial force of archers

auxiliatrix = a female troll who cares for newly hatched grubs

bluebloods = higher-caste trolls with blood of cooler colors (blue, purple); also with a space (blue bloods)

caste = the role a troll is hatched into by gender and blood color; synonymous with class

cavalreapers = lance-wielding imperial troops

class = see caste

gamblignants = deadly seafaring marauders who died off because they took too many risks

hemospectrum = blood color, the basis of troll social standing (red = lowest; ROY G BIV; pink = highest)

hemotyping = typing in one’s blood color

highblood = higher-caste troll with blood of one of the cooler colors

laughsassins = imperial troops who snap necks

legislacerators = league of lawyers/investigators; historically also bounty hunters

lowblood = lower-caste troll with blood of one of the warmer colors

mutant = troll with atypical physical features (such as blood color) or psychic powers

ruffiannihilators = elite imperial legion of the strongest trolls

rust bloods = lower-caste trolls with blood of warmer colors (brown, red)

sea dwellers = highest-caste trolls who have gills and live in the sea

sign = one of forty-eight symbols assigned to trolls based on their caste; trolls are required to wear their sign on their clothing

subjugglators = a high-ranking religious order of trolls lead by the Grand Highblood; a brutal caste with unique abilities

threshecutioners = most lethal imperial fighting force; organization = cadets in flaysquads

Solar System and Time

Alternia = home planet in the A2 universe orbited by a pink moon (with a tiny pink satellite) and a green moon; its sun is blisteringly hot, driving many inhabitants (such as trolls and lusus) to be nocturnal or live underground

Beforus = home planet in the A1 universe; it had no green moon, only the two pink moons

bilunar perigee = day; abbreviated as perigee; there are at least 14 perigees in a season; although the English meaning of the word “perigee” implies that a perigee should last a month (which is the amount of time that passes between two perigees), the 12th bilunar perigee of the 6th dark season’s equinox corresponds to June 12th (06/12) and the 14th bilunar perigee of the 2nd dim season’s equinox corresponds to February 14th (02/14), which makes it fairly clear that a bilunar perigees are meant to be equivalent to days

season = month; there are at least 6 seasons in a sweep; a season has an apogee (makes sense, apogees occur once a month) and an equinox (doesn’t make sense, equinoxes occur twice a year); there are dark seasons and dim seasons

solar sweep = duration of one planetary revolution around the sun; abbreviated as sweep; 6 solar sweeps = 13 years, therefore one solar sweep is approximately 790 days

twelfth perigee’s eve = roughly, Christmas; a troll’s lusus brings back (behemoth) leavings to decorate together; abbreviated as eve

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